Second Annual EAST-Cities symposium to be held in 2020

Second Annual EAST-Cities symposium to be held in Fall 2020

01.28.2020 | The second annual EAST-Cities Symposium will be held in Germany at Technische Universität Braunschweig in the fall of 2020.  As we begin the Second Phase: Research and Development of the EAST-Cities project members of the EAST-Cities team from Qingdao and Shanghai will gather to take part in an international symposium to be held in Germany. Our partners from Tongji University, Qingdao Surveying and Mapping Institute, Qingdao Urban Planning and Design Institute, energydesign Shanghai, Sino-German Eco Park, Qingdao Technological University, Qingdao Agricultural University, and Chongqing University of Technology are planning on attending.

As we begin the Research and Development phase of our project we look forward to using Symposium to continue our research into decoupling human development from negative social, environmental and economic impacts in Qingdao. In addition to workshops and presentations showcasing the work being done in the interim the team will use the time together to work collaboratively on the project. Some of our Chinese colleagues will staying with us in Braunschweig on extended workstays. Additionally the team will conduct field research on Wolfsburg’s production systems as well HafenCity in Hamburg. During this symposium we look forward to tackling the complex challenges the project presents and collaboratively working towards solutions to improving sustainability in Qingdao.